The following article is a list of blocks found in Kongregate Racing sorted alphabetically. As they are not given a name in-game, their label in the code is used instead.


Block Name Description
Kongregate Racing - Arrow Block Arrow Pushes racer forward when touched.
Kongregate Racing - Block Block Basic block that players can sit on.
Kongregate Racing - Finish Block Finish Makes the end of the race when touched.
Kongregate Racing - Death Block Death Briefly wrecks the player.
Kongregate Racing - Invisible Block Invisible Can not be seen until hit.
Kongregate Racing - Sticky Block Sticky Causes the racer to stick to the block when touched.
Kongregate Racing - Shove Block Shove Pushes the player in the opposite direction it's touched.
Kongregate Racing - Weak Block Weak Crumbles away when hit.

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