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Kongregate Racing is an Adobe Flash online multiplayer racing video game developed by Jacob Grahn that was released on 2007-05-04.


Kongregate Racing Gameplay

User racing in Really Hard.

Players can login to the game with their Kongregate account and custom avatar, or use a username of their choice and select one of the seven default images if they're not signed in. Users are then able to race on 12 courses available from the start with four other people.

Players control a bumper car-esque bubble with the objective being to reach the finish first. Completing races awards ranks to each participant that are used for high scores along with displaying each user's completion time and amount of deaths.


Unlike future multiplayer games, courses do not have a minimum rank requirement in order to be played, allowing any user to race in all levels from the start.

Level Name
Kongregate Racing - Very Easy Very Easy
Kongregate Racing - Easy Easy
Kongregate Racing - Medium Medium
Kongregate Racing - Hard Hard
Kongregate Racing - Really Hard Really Hard
Kongregate Racing - Omygosh omygosh
Kongregate Racing - Push.Pull Push/Pull
Kongregate Racing - The Deep The Deep
Kongregate Racing - Hulk SMASH! Hulk SMASH!
Kongregate Racing - Mrs. Richards Mrs. Richards
Kongregate Racing - Deathville Deathville
Kongregate Racing - Variety Platter Variety Platter


As these blocks are not given names in-game, their file's name in the code is used instead.

Block Name Description
Kongregate Racing - Arrow Block Arrow Pushes racers forward when touched.
Kongregate Racing - Block Block Basic block that players can sit on.
Kongregate Racing - Finish Block Finish Marks the end of the race when touched.
Kongregate Racing - Death Block Death Briefly kills the player.
Kongregate Racing - Invisible Block Invisible Can not be seen until hit.
Kongregate Racing - Sticky Block Sticky Causes the racer to stick to the block when touched.
Kongregate Racing - Shove Block Shove Pushes the player in the opposite direction it's touched.
Kongregate Racing - Weak Block Weak Crumbles away when hit.


Aside from the first patch, which Jiggmin posted in the game's comment section, all changes are based on user reports as no official changelog was maintained.[1]

Version 1.1

Kongregate Racing - Early Lobby

The menu seen in v1.1.

- Added quit button during matches.

- Added a 2 minute timeout to kick idling people out of levels.

- Fixed a couple minor bugs.

Version 1.2

- New "Push/Pull" level and arrows on the lobby access it.

Version 1.3

- Addition of boost blocks.

- New "The Deep" and "Hulk SMASH!" levels.

Version 1.4

- New "Mrs. Richards" level.

Version 1.5

- Lobby redesigned.

- New zoom out button on the lobby so players can view all levels at once.

- Sound icon moved to the bottom-right corner.

- New quit button design.

- New "Deathville" and "Variety Platter" levels.

Shut Down

Although the game's server had already been down for several months at that point, Jiggmin officially announced on 2015-09-09 that he would be dropping support for Kongregate Racing along with most other multiplayer games besides Platform Racing 2. He stated: "Managing [the games] servers is another time drain. They'll need to be streamlined or removed. I plan to keep PR2 running at least until PR4 is out, though."[2] The announcement also coincided with the launch of his new forum Freegoose.

There have been no fan projects to attempt and revive the game or set up private servers, leaving it unplayable.


  • This was the first racing game Jiggmin developed.
  • A limitation only allows one group of players to be in a level at a time.
  • Matches can contain up to five players, the first of Jiggmin's games to allow more than four and the last until Platform Racing 3.
  • Despite shutting down, users can access the nonfunctional lobby by right clicking and pressing "Play" several times, though levels remain unplayable.
  • While not listed in-game, the racing theme is titled "Drums" in the code.
  • This was the first of Jiggmin's online games to have a rank system, though it doesn't provide in-game benefits.
  • Initially exclusive to Kongregate[3], the game was only added to Jiggmin's website a year and a half after its release.[4]



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