Kong Hat

Platform Racing 2 - Kong Hat

Platform Racing 2 - Original Kong Hat

Designer Jiggmin
Effects Increases experience gained
First Appearance Platform Racing 2 (2008)
Latest Appearance Platform Racing 2

The Kong Hat (short for Kongregate Hat) is a wearable hat in Platform Racing 2 that increases experience points earned in matches similarly to the EXP Hat.

Platform Racing 2

The hat was added on 2008-05-02, the day the game was released on Kongregate as it was sponsored by the website. The Kong Hat has an ovular shape, the Kongregate "K" in the center and originally featured strap-like features, though they were removed once the Cowboy Hat was added on 2008-06-14.[1]


Upon completing a map, players holding the hat will automatically receive 1.25x the amount of experience points as normal. Its effect stacks, just like the EXP Hat, with users wearing two hats receiving a 1.50x bonus and so on.


Any user who logins into Platform Racing 2 on Kongregate is automatically given the hat.