Kimblis the Blue
Kimblis the Blue




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RPG, Action, Adventure, Puzzle

Release Dates

2005-10-30 (N)

2005-11-02 (dA)

2008-04-11 (AG)

Kimblis the Blue is an Adobe Flash action adventure puzzle RPG developed by Jacob Grahn that was released on 2005-10-30.


Kimblis the Blue, a wizard with power over wind, discovers a strange young girl in an abandoned city and sets off to search for its remaining inhabitants.


Kimblis the Blue Gameplay

Kimblis battles two orcs in a river-side field, with the little girl standing to the left of him.

Kimblis the Blue is an RPG where players control a wind wizard named Kimblis. Players begin with only a sword, those as they progress and rank up they are allowed to unlock various spells that make use of Kimblis' wind abilities, such as a twister and freezing winds.

Unlike typical members of the genre, players don't gain experience for defeating enemies and instead automatically level up every time they complete a chapter. Upon reaching a new level, players may increase either their maximum HP or magic by 25, with the default for both being 75, and use two points to upgrade an existing or receive a new weapon/spell. All attacks have two upgrades that increase their power, in addition to lowering magic consumption.


Enemy Name Attack Levels
Kimblis the Blue - Bat Bat Flies at Kimblis. "The Nearly Empty City", "Little Girl", "Into the Frying Pan", "Neverending Path"
Kimblis the Blue - Ghost Ghost Sends a line of unavoidable black orbs to repeatedly hit the player. "Dark Cries", "Neverending Path"
Golem (Kimblis the Blue) Golem Swipes with claws and sends rocks flying. "Showdown"
Kimblis the Blue - Orc Orc Slashes with knife. "Little Girl", "Into the Frying Pan", "Neverending Path"


See also: Kimblis the Blue/Weapons & Spells


  • This is the only game of Jiggmin's to be published on deviantART.[1]
  • A post on Brackenwood by Jiggmin reveals that the city was attacked by orcs and Kimblis planned to search for the little girl's parents.[2]
  • Despite there being a "To be continued" screen and Jiggmin hinting at one in reviews, a sequel was never made.
  • This was Jiggmin's first game to get frontpaged on Newgrounds.[3]
  • During development, it came to light that several pieces of background music were stolen by a Newgrounds user, though issues were quickly sorted out and the artists were given their correct credits.[4]
  • Completing the game without using the level select awards players a "WON" code, which allows them to unlock an infinite magic cheat.
  • The little girl doesn't join the player's party until the second level, though her health bar is still visible in the first.
  • The final boss' species would later reappear in Neverending Light.
  • Due to a bug within Flash, it's impossible to play the official game with Flash Player versions above 19, as the game only reads their first number (currently "2" instead of "20") when it runs a check, rendering it unplayable. The game can be modified to remove the check altogether, though.



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