Jump Start Hat
Platform Racing 2 - Jump Start Hat




Skip countdown and receive Speed Bursts

First Appearance

Platform Racing 2 (2012)

Latest Appearance

Platform Racing 2

The Jump Start Hat is a wearable hat in Platform Racing 2. Originally announced on 2011-06-24 as a prize for getting Team Jiggmin's Folding at Home group into the top 100 teams,[1] the hat was later released on 2012-01-30 as the ninth hat in the game.[2]

The hat features two batteries connected to it that are powered by jumper cables, along with a lone plug hanging off its side.


Starting a match while wearing the hat allows the player to start before the countdown finishes with a Speed Burst, giving them a 3 second head start. Picking up the hat also gives the user 1/3 of a normal Speed Burst, briefly allowing them to catch up while they were stunned or gain the lead.


The Jump Start Hat was made winnable as a random prize in levels during the special Happy Hour mode with at least one other person when the mode was introduced on 2012-05-02.[3] In the 3 months prior to its addition, the hat was automatically given to any user who logged in as a celebration for making it into the Top 100 teams.