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Launch Date

Early 2007

Shut Down

January 2016 was a hosting website used by Jacob Grahn from early 2007 until January 2016.


Created in early 2007, served as a host for Platform Racing and other multiplayer game's servers. The website expanded later that year to also hosting various files needed for newer games to properly operate, such as Musical Evenizer. also hosted Platform Racing 2 's http server, which contains levels, player data, messages, and music among others, from the game's launch until December 2010 when PR2hub was created to relieve stress on the website. After the move, none of Jiggmin's future games would be hosted on, although older ones continued to be supported.

Shut Down

On 2015-09-09, Jiggmin officially announced he would be dropping support for all multiplayer games besides Platform Racing 2. While those games had been down for several months at that point, he stated: "Managing [the games'] servers is another time drain. They'll need to be streamlined or removed. I plan to keep PR2 running at least until PR4 is out, though."[1] The announcement also coincided with the launch of his new forum, Freegoose.

As its primary purpose no longer needed serving, Jiggmin chose not to renew's domain in January 2016 and shut the website down.


  • In its first few months, visiting the homepage took users to a list of various files found on the website rather than just a simple message.[2]



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