Jigg Hat
Platform Racing 2 - Jigg Hat




Bounce off heads

First Appearance

Platform Racing 2 (2013)

Latest Appearance

Platform Racing 2

The Jigg Hat is a wearable hat in Platform Racing 2 that serves as the twelfth and final hat in the game, released on 2013-02-05.[1] The hat spawned from a Motley Monday idea posted by user "Tommy 8" on the forum in December 2012[2] before being selected the following February.

The hat has an extremely similar appearance to the Kong Hat, with the main difference being the replacement of the Kongregate logo with Jiggmin's.


While a player possesses the hat, they are given the ability to jump on another player's head, causing them to be briefly forced into a crawl state, similarly to the basic function in the original Platform Racing.


Platform Racing 2 - Jigg Hat Location
The Jigg Hat can be found in "Buto (EXACT)" by ZePHiR, a recreation of the Platform Racing level. Users must then make their way to shortly after the mid-point and stand on the edge of one of the two mini pyramids separated by a small pit. Players then must wait until the clock reads "0:42", in which the hat will proceed to fall out of the sky and into the left area of the pit. If a player grabs the hat and finishes the level while wearing it, it is added to their inventory.

As evident by a post in the Motley Monday thread made one day before its release, Jiggmin originally intended the hat's level to be the prize of one containing every course in the original Platform Racing,[3] though he abandoned this in favor of a more complex method.