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Type of Website

Web Design, Gaming

Launch Date

January 2005

Shut Down

Late 2011 was the first website created by Jacob Grahn used from January 2005 until April 2006 when was launched.

History launched in January 2005 as a portfolio for showcasing Jiggmin's recent web and graphic designs created in Adobe Flash to possible employers. Video games were first added to the website's content in April and would eventually receive their own section a few months afterwards.

As the year progressed, Jiggmin began devoting more time to programming games and less to graphic design, with the section not receiving further updates past October. A "current project" area on the main page was added around then showcasing an in-progress game, though it was only used twice as Jiggmin moved to in April 2006.

Despite the switch, was not updated until June 2007 when the About Me page was overwritten with a message explaining Jiggmin's loss of interest in web design and a link to his new, gaming themed The website remained up as an archive until late 2011 when it was shut down unannounced. Jiggmin continued to renew the domain, however, until 2015[1] when it was closed entirely.[2] Homepage 4

Final post announcing the move to


About Me

Formerly "Home", the main page where Jiggmin gave a brief description of the website's content and his focus on unique web design. Homepage 3


Main article:

Formerly "Flash", a section showcasing eight pieces of animation either created for competitions or for practice. Animation 2

Web Design

Page highlighting various websites and headers Jiggmin designed for companies. Web Design 2


Originally combined with "Animation" into "Flash", these were Jiggmin's first games that would eventually receive updates when moved to (minus Chalkboard and two mistakenly placed animations). Programming 2


  • This is the only one of Jiggmin's websites to be entirely made in Flash.
  • Despite being shut down, Jiggmin references this website as a contact method on Freegoose's about page.[3]

Previous Layouts

January 2005 - ???

Mid-2005 - Late 2005

Jacob Grahn Logo 2005

Used in Kimblis the Blue.



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