Ice Wave

Platform Racing 2 - Ice Wave

Platform Racing 2 - Beta Ice Wave

Designer Jiggmin
Power Freeze players/blocks
Usage/Ammo 3
First Appearance Platform Racing 2 (2013)
Latest Appearance Platform Racing 2

The Ice Wave is an item in the Platform Racing series that has only appeared in Platform Racing 2. It was chosen by players over the Triple Bow in a Motley Monday contest, making it the only item picked by players and added to a game in the series after its initial release.[1][2]


Players who have the weapon can send several, light blue waves that turn anything it comes in contact with into ice for a short period, including other users. Although it doesn't cause harm, it allows players to cross areas they typically couldn't without a Santa Hat, such as a long line of safety nets.


In its announcement video, the Ice Wave initially had a more triangular shape and ice cream-type appearance with a white base, blue stripes and teal dots scattered around it. Its final design resembles more of a science fiction gun, with its base encased in ice and three, short antennae sticking out of it to transfer the waves.