Ice Wave

Platform Racing 2 - Ice Wave

Platform Racing 2 - Beta Ice Wave

Designer Jiggmin
Power Freeze
Usage/Ammo Three
First Appearance Platform Racing 2 (2008)
Latest Appearance Platform Racing 2

The Ice Wave is an item in the Platform Racing series that has only appeared in Platform Racing 2 and can be found in the Item block.

The item was chosen by players over the Triple Bow in a Motley Monday contest held between 2013-02-25 and 2013-03-11[1][2], making it the first and only item to be added to a game in the series after its initial release.


Players who have the weapon can press the space bar once to send several, light blue waves that turn anything it comes in contact with into ice for a short period of time, including other users. Although it doesn't cause harm, this allows players to cross areas that they typically couldn't, such as a long line of safety nets, without a Santa Hat.


In its announcement video, the Ice Wave initially had a more triangular shape and an ice cream-type appearance, with a white base, blue stripes, and teal dots scattered around it. Its final design resembles more of a science fiction gun, with the base of it being encased in ice and three, short antennae sticking out of it to transfer the waves.



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