Platform Racing 2 - Happy Hour New

Happy Hour is a special mode in Platform Racing 2 where experience points earned in matches are doubled, stats are boosted to 100, and the Jump Start hat becomes winnable as a random prize in courses for one hour.

Whenever a Happy Hour begins, each level will begin indicating the mode in large, flashing letters, Fred the Giant Cactus briefly flipping on-screen, and six Happy blocks appearing, with three on both sides of the "Happy Hour" text.



Platform Racing 2 - Happy Hour Old

Original Happy Hour course intro screen.

Jiggmin announced the mode on 2012-05-02 in a blog,[1] partially to create a new method to obtain the Jump Start hat as it was previously automatically given to every player who logged in to celebrate Jiggmin's Folding at Home group making into the top 100 teams.[2][3] Happy Hours also only occurred randomly at this point and were only indicated at the start of a race.

Motley Monday Updates

Unlike Super Flying Cowboy Mode, Happy Hour remained essentially unchanged in terms of its effects, although various petite details were altered. In addition to randomly transpiring, members could spend 50 Kreds in the Vault of Magics to trigger a Happy Hour on the server they're currently logged into. Servers currently having a Happy Hour were also later given a "!!" next to them on the login screen for users to easily find them, and the intro font was, like Super Flying Cowboy Mode, changed from Stencil Std to Gwibble.


  • A fan-made Happy Hour locator was created just a couple weeks before the official one was added.



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