Golem (Kimblis the Blue)

Golem (Neverending Light)

Designer Jiggmin
Species Unknown
Voiced by

Michael Phillips (Kimblis the Blue)

John Weitz (Neverending Light)

Golem is an term used to describe the unnamed species of monsters that reside in the center of the Earth and appear in Kimblis the Blue and Neverending Light

In Kimblis, they're portrayed as mystical creatures, having the ability to warp short distances and telepathically throw groups of rocks on the ground. While they can be hurt, the monsters can only be killed through unknown magic known to be possessed by a lone girl. Instead, they're depicted more realistically in Neverending Light, lacking magical abilities, being more easily killed and mostly acting as wild animals.

While most golems typically only make grunts and other animal noises, a few are known to speak fluent English, such as Ned and the single unnamed creature in Kimblis.


Golems are insect-like creatures that are dark grey and black in color with red, pupilless eyes. The species lacks genitalia, thus they reproduce asexually. One of their most notable features are their extremely long arms, each having three similarly long, sharp claws that allow them to quickly swipe and kill prey from a distance. They also have spikes shaped similarly to boomerangs on their vulnerable backs and tail to protect them. Despite their crouch-like stance and movements, golems run relatively fast, and their long arms and legs give them a boosted lunge distance. Another feature is the monsters' abnormal neck, which can stretch to incredible lengths at a whim, allow their head to freely move from one end to another, while also seeming to function as a mouth.

Due to their constant growth and ability to live for hundreds of years, the species can be found in a variety of sizes, with the largest known member's head being larger than an adult human male. Because of this, however, and their asexuality causing reproduction to be uncontrollable, golems began suffering from overpopulation and lack of food due to their habitat, forcing them to continually spread outward and closer to the surface.

Role in Kimblis the Blue

A single large golem serves as the game's primary antagonist and final boss. After learning of the location of a little girl who possesses the power to kill it, the creature reduces an entire city to rubble to unsuccessfully find her and takes several of the townspeople as prisoners in a nearby cave.

Role in Neverending Light

As a result of their overpopulation and insufficient food supply mentioned above, golems chose to escape from their home inside the Earth despite being forbidden from doing so and reach the surface through the Cablad Caverns, eating humans inside the popular tourist attraction and once again acting as the main antagonists.