Strategy, trading card game

Release Date

2013-12-05 (Closed Beta)

2014-05-02[1] (Open Beta)

Futurism is an unfinished JavaScript online multiplayer strategy trading card video game developed by Jacob Grahn that was worked on from 2013-10-07 until 2014-08-23.


Futurism Gameplay

Two users in a match.

Futurism is an online game where players battle one another using cards. Once users login with their account, they're taken to the main lobby, which is split into two sections: one on the left containing player related options (guild, chatroom, members online) and the other having options to join or start matches. When creating matches, players can choose from one of the three pre-made modes (Skirmish, Battle, and War) or set their own conditions.

The game features card and deck editors that allow users to freely create their own. When creating cards, players may name them, write a description, choose their amount of health and attack power (which affects the amount of pride they consume), upload card art, choose their faction, and subsequent abilities. Decks can consist of any cards the player chooses, though they're all required to have a player card.

Players can participate in matches of up to 4 users, as well as spectate on-going matches. Each member begins by choosing their deck, with the person having the lowest pride amount going first. Matches start with only one pride and players earn two every turn for their player card, in addition to one for every other card they have on field. The objective of the game is to take out the main player card, with the match ending as soon as it's down, regardless if other cards are still in-play. Upon completion, all players gain experience points, fame, and fractures.


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Shut Down

Futurism 's main website was closed unannounced on 2014-06-21 alongside both of Platform Racing 4 's.[2] The beta testing version remained active for several more weeks before shutting down in July as well. However, unlike Luna, Jiggmin continued posting updates for the game until 2014-08-23 before abandoning it.[3]

While Futurism is publicly available on GitHub, fan projects to revive it have been unsuccessful due to unfamiliarity with its programming language[4], rendering it unplayable.


  • The game's title is a reference to the early 20th century art movement of the same name.
  • Jiggmin first expressed interest in making an online trading card game in a 2008-09-27 blog.[5]
  • When announced, Jiggmin stated Futurism was a personal challenge to develop a multiplayer game in one week, with each day receiving a Baking Games the Hard Way video showcasing his progress. This plan was abandoned after the second day and most traces mentioning it were removed, including the completed videos.
    • Several remains still exist, however, including a blog explaining the second video's delay, two tweets linking to the episodes, and an archive of the dev log with the first day's video.
  • "EDU-VIDS" originally featured a YouTube video teaching players how to wash their hair in space  before tutorials were added.
  • Checking the client reveals that support for Armor Games, Kongregate, Newgrounds, and Facebook accounts was originally planned, similarly to War of the Web.[6]
  • This was the first of Jiggmin's games to be available in multiple languages, which was possible via the help of Jiggmin's Village members.[7] All available languages include:
    • English
      • Cat
      • Pirate
    • Korean
    • Spanish
    • Dutch
    • French
    • Italian
    • Polish
    • Lithuanian
    • Swedish
    • Noregien
    • Hungarian
    • Russian
  • A different cut of Effing Meteors menu theme, "Dissolve" by Bjørn Lynne, is reused as the title screen music.
  • This was the first of Jiggmin's projects to be open-sourced on GitHub.[8]


  7. While not listed, English and the Korean translation were done by Jiggmin.

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