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March 2018

Freegoose (stylized freegoose) was the third website officially owned and used by Jacob Grahn.


Jiggmin originally announced intentions to create a "new version of JV" in a public thread on in 2014.[1] It was later confirmed that he was working on the project in a private Mod Hut thread on 2015-03-07, which was also his final post on the website before its closure.[2]

Freegoose officially launched on September 9th with a post discussing the future of Platform Racing 4 and detailing why suddenly shut down a month prior.[3][4] The site was discovered by fans one month later, although there was initial skepticism about its legitimacy due to the forum's incomplete appearance and Jiggmin himself making no announcement or reference to it elsewhere.[5] This confusion wasn't resolved until 2016-06-18 when Jiggmin's wife posted a photo of them in a thread and confirmed that it was his website.[6]

Shut Down

Although owned by Jiggmin, Freegoose ultimately failed to catch on for various reasons and suffered from little activity. As he neglected to announce it or provide proof of its legitimacy for roughly a year, users were not aware of active plans for an official replacement site and created their own. In addition, none of his games were on it and its launch coincided with the retirement of his "Jiggmin" alias, making it difficult for casual fans to find.

The forum's layout was also disliked by many members, which was a major departure from previous designs and most forums in general. Threads loading posts in an infinite scrolling format was a common complaint, which made browsing popular threads difficult, particularly on mobile devices. Freegoose also suffered from the loss of many features during the transition, including profile customization, profile comments, blogs, albums, groups and forum sections among others. Given's sudden shut down, users were also skeptical on its longevity.

However, the main reason for Freegoose's failure was Jiggmin's continued inactivity. Despite being created to reduce the time spent maintaining a forum and move it towards games, none were completed during its existence and only one was ever in development. Apart from Jiber's announcement in late 2017, Jiggmin was otherwise largely inactive and logged in infrequently. Coupled with the dislike of its design, users thus saw little reason to migrate to Freegoose and after 2 and a half years, Jiggmin announced in March 2018 that it would close within the coming days.


  • Jiggmin originally announced plans to replace with in December 2010, though he scrapped the idea a couple hours later in response to negative feedback.[7]
  • Along with, this is one of two websites not to have any of Jiggmin's games featured.
  • Jiggmin's original website,, was previously listed in the "About" section as a contact method despite being down since 2011 until it was corrected in December 2017.


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