Fred the Giant Cactus
Fred the Giant Cactus









First Appearance

Platform Racing 2

Last Appearance

Motley Monday: Episode 19

Fred the Giant Cactus is the official mascot of the Platform Racing series and the unofficial mascot of Jiggmin overall.


In most appearances, Fred is depicted as a mysterious character who's largely in the background helping Jiggmin set stuff up with his games, such as placing the Jigg Hat in Platform Racing 2 or starting comment sections on his website.


Fred debuted as an unnamed stamp in the beta of Platform Racing 2, only being named later in the tutorial level, "Newbieland 2". Fred gained additional roles later on that allowed him to initiate Super Flying Cowboy Mode and Happy Hours, as well as hug players once an error occurred, although this was later dropped.

Platform Racing 2 - Fred Hug

Fred's hugging screen seen in Platform Racing 2 's early days.

Fred returned in Platform Racing 3 with more prominent roles, including awarding players gold medals in the campaign, giving experience bonuses in place of already obtained prizes, and the return of his hugging whenever errors happen.

Fred also made several cameos in the later half of Jiggmin's Motley Monday series. Initially he was only seen offscreen, though he was given onscreen roles in the final videos.


  • Fred once had a Platform Racing 2 server named after him, though it was removed in 2011.
  • Fred's placed in the background of the Platform Racing 2 lobby.

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