Egg Minion
Platform Racing 2 - Egg Minion




Attacks player



First Appearance

Platform Racing 2 (2013)

Latest Appearance

Platform Racing 2

An Egg Minion (also known as an Alien Egg) is an enemy species in the Platform Racing series introduced in Platform Racing 2 on 2013-04-02 as apart of a Motley Monday update for the then new game mode alien eggs.[1] They were later made available in all modes through the form of a block in the final Motley Monday update on 2013-09-04.[2]


Egg Minions are, as their second name implies, extraterrestrial lifeforms that are so young, they're still inside of their shells. Despite that, their antennae and feet poke out, allowing them to slowly walk around the map. Their shell, feet and antennae come in random colors, though the default coloring gives them green spots, a red shell and blue feet. Their feet are taken directly from the classic body parts, and they may or may not be related to the Evil Aliens.


When approached by a player, an egg will quickly pull out either a Laser Gun, Sword or Ice Wave and attack them once before putting it away. Weapons don't affect the eggs themselves, so players will have to directly touch them for them to die. Unlike other block types, they do not spawn until after the countdown finishes and there is a specific limit of 30 eggs on a map at a time, with additional eggs placed not spawning at all.