Effing Meteors

Effing Meteors

Effing Meteors (AG)

Developers aeiowu, Jiggmin
Publishers Armor Games, Kongregate, Newgrounds
Rating T
Genres Action
Release Date


2010-12-30 (K) (N)

2011-01-14 (AG)

Effing Meteors is an Adobe Flash action video game developed by Jacob Grahn and aeiowu that was released on 2010-12-24.

Announced on 2010-05-25, the game is a direct sequel to Effing Hail released one year earlier.[1] Effing Meteors would go on to be the final single-player game Jiggmin developed and collaboration he was involved in.


Effing Meteors Gameplay

Meteors burning up in the atmosphere in the third level.

Akin to the original, players use their mouse to control gravity in space. The main objective of the game is to cause as many extinctions amongst the dinosaurs, aliens and other creatures as possible by hurdling meteors at them. 

Meteors cause more destruction the larger they are and must be a certain size to avoid burning up in the atmosphere. For them to grow, players must combine them with nearby meteors. Certain creatures also have the ability to destroy meteors no matter the size, so players must plan around them.


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Effing Meteors received GamerSafe achievements when it was released. While originally in all versions, they were later dropped in Kongregate's and not present in the Armor Games build.

Badge Name Requirements Points
Effing Meteors - Nine Shooter Badge Nine Shooter Get 9 combos. 100
Effing Meteors - Creator of Worlds Badge Creator of Worlds Create a planetoid.
Effing Meteors - All Mine Badge All Mine Prevent any dinosaur abductions. 200
Effing Meteors - Hunter Gatherer Badge Hunter Gatherer Have three named meteors out at once.
Effing Meteors - The Land Before Time Badge The Land Before Time Complete the game.
Effing Meteors - Speed Run Badge Speed Run Beat the game in under four minutes.


Kongregate badges were added two weeks after the game's release on 2011-01-13.[2]

Badge Name Requirements Points
Effing Meteors - Easy Badge Jurassic Juggle Have two named meteors out at once. 5
Effing Meteors - Medium Badge Effing Extinction Complete the game. 15


  • This is Jiggmin's most played game on Armor Games, with over 1.1 million views.[3]
    • As with other releases on the site, there are several differences between it and other versions, including:
      • Pre-game ad replaced with an Armor Games preloader.
      • Removal of achievements.
      • Replacing the GamerSafe leaderboards with their own.
      • Added logo and links to Armor Games' social media pages. To account for these, the area containing credits is reduced and the titles and names are swapped.
  • The cheering sound effect from Platform Racing 3 plays when you complete the game.
  • Differences and new features include:
    • Meteors are measured in miles instead of meters.
    • Meteors grow by combining with each other rather than overtime.
    • Meteors are given names once they become meteoroids, with Jacob/Greg being a reference to the developers and AXE to the sponsor.
    • Several targets can now attack and destroy the meteors.
    • Removal of the time limit.
  • The uncredited menu theme is "Dissolve" by Bjørn Lynne.
    • A different cut of the song would later be used as Futurism 's menu theme as well.



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