Effing Hail

Effing Hail

Effing Hail (AG)

Developers aeiowu, Jiggmin
Publishers Armor Games, Kongregate, Newgrounds,
Rating T
Genres Action
Release Date 2009-04-07

2010-04-01 (AG)

Effing Hail is an Adobe Flash action video game developed by Jacob Grahn and aeiowu that was released on 2009-04-07. The game was an immediate success, leading to a sequel a year later.


Effing Hail Gameplay

The game screen in Lesson Five.

Effing Hail is an mouse-only game that takes place during a hailstorm, where players control an updraft with their mouse. The main objective of the game is to destroy buildings, airplanes, satellites, and other objects with the falling hail, which causes more damage the larger it is. Hail grows in size the longer it stays in the air, growing at a rate of nearly one mile per second, and gets harder to maintain the heavier it gets.

The game also features a time limit that begins at two minutes and replenishes as the player completes more lessons. If a player cannot complete the lesson in time, they are allowed to restart at the same point, though at the cost of their "Effing $$" resetting to zero.


  • This was the first collaboration Jiggmin was involved in.
  • When designing the game, aeiowu stated: "I wanted to capture the look and feel of playing with extreme weather patterns inside of an info-designed text book."[1]
  • The Armor Games version continues the trend of removing all advertisements related to and replacing them with the website's own.
    • A minor change is aeiowu's real name being removed from the title screen and replaced with his alias, while other versions of the game feature both names.
  • A scaling issue causes the text on the results screen and the game's name on the title screen to appear cut off. The hidden text can be viewed in the full screen version on Armor Games.
  • A screenshot[2] of an early version of lesson one was posted on aeiowu's website with several differences from the final game, including:
    • The instructions were originally posted on a large sticky note rather than just being in the sky.
    • "Effing $$" was originally spelled out as "Effing Dollars".
    • The sound icon was placed at the right side of the screen instead of the left and was colored white rather than grey.
  • This was originally going to be the first game in a series of collaborations between Jiggmin and aeiowu that would've resulted in producing one game every day for the month of January in 2009.[3] However, only three and a half other games ended up being completed, with only one of them being released.
  • The full sound effect used for happy blocks in the Platform Racing series is heard whenever you complete a lesson, similarly to its use in Rolley-Ball.
  • The song used in the game is We are Loud by Shockwave Sound, which, strangely, isn't credited anywhere.
  • As had only paid Jiggmin and aeiowu half the money they originally stated they would in exchange for sponsorship, Jiggmin announced on his website that they were considering to take legal action against the website. [4] Shortly after the announcement, however, Pogo agreed to immediately pay the remaining amount. [5]



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