Dev Log - Dev Log 2011-2015
Dev Log on 2015-03-15.




Type of Website

Blog, Forum

Launch Date


Shut Down


The Dev Log (short for Developer Log) was a section on where Jiggmin posted current progress updates on his latest projects.

History launched with an untitled news section occupying the homepage that effectively served the same purpose as the future dev log.[1] However, a redesign in May 2007 removed this and updates were instead posted to Jiggmin's new forum.[2]

Once the forum was upgraded to vBulletin in July 2008, though, Jiggmin created a sub-forum specifically dedicated to updates related to his games that only he could create threads in. [3] This section was deleted once blogs were enabled, which Jiggmin permanently switched to for the remainder of the website's existence.

The dev log resurfaced on 2011-01-21 when the website was rebuilt to vBulletin 4.0 as its own page separate from the forum for the first time.[4] The log was bumped to the header for effortless location and featured a section that would alternate between in-progress games, livestreams, and Jiggmin's YouTube videos depending on the time. The ten latest blogs from Jiggmin categorized under "Dev Log" were also posted below them in a listed, more simplified format.



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