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Destroyers of Planets is an unfinished Adobe Flash RPG video game developed by Jacob Grahn. The game was announced on 2006-04-13 after Jiggmin finished Uber Pool[1] and its last known mention was in the FAQ section of Jiggmin's website in October 2008.[2]


Destroyers of Planets Gameplay

Derron Verdriet walking through a building while wielding an axe and a sword.

Destroyers of Planets would have been a traditional turn-based RPG where players battle a variety of enemies using weapons such as pic-axes, swords, guns and magic. Players would also interact with various people and objects in the world by pressing "a" to perform tasks outside of battle.


  • The main character's names (Derron, Carina, Grayan and Fitz) would later be used as server names in the Platform Racing series.
  • Jiggmin posted updates during the game's development that revealed numerous planned features and other information,[3] including:
    • Outfits were going to be purchasable for the main characters to wear.
    • Pressing "s" would pull up a menu, while "d" wouldn't do anything, making it a two-button game.
    • The plot was co-written by Andy Dennis and nearly complete.
    • Unlike Kimblis the Blue, which was split up into multiple maps, the entire game would've been a single, continious level.
    • To convey their personalities, actions each character could choose from when interacting with others would vary. In the case of wanting an item a person won't give away:
      • Derron could scare them into handing it over.
      • Fitz could attempt to steal it.
      • Carina could get military funds and buy it.
      • Grayan could talk them into giving it away.
    • Each character would have a unique ability that would be needed to progress in some areas.
    • Ceilings were only going to fade once you entered the room, similarly to walls, and some doors were going to be locked.
  • The game was archived and is full playable.



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