Platform Racing 3 - Deathmatch

Users in a deathmatch in Platform Racing 3.

Deathmatches are a game mode in the Platform Racing series first introduced in Platform Racing 3 and later implemented in Platform Racing 2 on 2012-12-31 as a part of a Motley Monday update, making it the first alternate mode to races available in either game.[1]


Platform Racing 3 - Deathmatch Icon

PR3 sign.

Platform Racing 2 - Deathmatch Icon

PR2 sign.

In Platform Racing 3, deathmatches have a red-colored clenched fist as their icon. While Platform Racing 2 retains the red coloring, it instead uses an x.

Prior to a 2013-02-25 update, deathmatches in PR2 didn't have a unique symbol to distinguish it from races, so it reused that type's until it received one.[2] Levels published before the update, however, still retain the race symbol.


Platform Racing 2 - Deathmatch

Users in a deathmatch in Platform Racing 2.

Players in deathmatches battle against each other using Swords, Laser Guns and other available weapons until only one is left standing. All weapons take away one health point and each user begins the match with 5 HP in Platform Racing 3 and 3 in Platform Racing 2. While not possible to gain additional HP in PR3, heart blocks are available in PR2 that give out one point when bumped from below. A player's remaining health is indicated by a bar below their character in PR3 and hearts in PR2, although the latter is not seen by other users.