Derron Doe
Neverending Light - D
D's portrait from his character bio.



Voiced By

Andy Dennis









First Appearance

Neverending Light

Derron Doe (more commonly known by his nickname D) is a fictional character in Jacob Grahn's video game Neverending Light. Voiced by Andy Dennis, he serves as the protagonist players control. D has a girlfriend named Anabel and is initially the only character not attacked by Ned's species.

Role in Neverending Light

Neverending Light - D 3

D's in-game sprite.

As a birthday gift, D was taken on a surprise tour of the popular Cablad Caverns with his girlfriend, Anabel. While it begins normally, the group was attacked by monsters secretly living within the caverns, with D being the only one spared.

Grabbing a flashlight dropped by the tour guide, he returned to the elevator to find help, though the wire connecting it to a back-up generator was removed and taken elsewhere. After retrieving it and returning, D heard Anabel struggling with several monsters nearby and the two reunited. Though they came into a brief encounter with another larger creature, the pair were able to successfully escape from the caverns.


D is portrayed as quiet and reserved compared to his girlfriend, mostly only speaking to himself in short sentences. His character bio reveals that D tends to slack off, skipping college because it would be too much work and instead creating online video games from home, although he is notably trustworthy.