Derron Doe
Neverending Light - D
D's portrait seen in his character bio.



Voiced By

Andy Dennis









First Appearance

Neverending Light

Derron Doe (more commonly known by his nickname, D) is a fictional character in Jacob Grahn's video game, Neverending Light. D is voiced by Andy Dennis and serves as the protagonist in the game that players control throughout it. D has a girlfriend named Anabel and is initially the only character not attacked by Ned's species.

Role in Neverending Light

Neverending Light - D 3

D's in-game sprite.

As a birthday gift, D was given a surprise tour of the popular Cablad Caverns with his girlfriend, Anabel Matthews. While it goes normally in the beginning, the group is soon attacked by monsters secretly living in the caverns, with D being the only one spared.

D then grabbed a flashlight dropped by the tour guide and made his way back to the elevator to find help, though the wire connecting it to a back-up generator was taken elsewhere. After retrieving it and returning, D heard Anabel struggling with several monsters and the two reunited. Though they came into a brief encounter with another, larger creature, the pair were able to successfully escape from the caverns.


D is shown to be quiet and reserved compared to his girlfriend's chatty nature, mostly only speaking to himself in short sentences. His character bio also reveals that D tends to slack off, choosing to skip college because it would be too much work and instead create online video games at his home, although he is very trustworthy, never letting someone's secret slip.

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