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2012-02-27 (K)

2012-02-28 (N)

2012-03-01 (F)

Creation is an Adobe Flash online multiplayer sandbox video game developed by Jacob Grahn that was released on 2011-08-12.


Creation Gameplay users in a custom room.

Creation is a sandbox game where players can create their own or modify someone else's world using a variety of pre-made blocks.

Each room features a chat and the creator has the power to build or kick others from their room, as well as give these abilities to others they trust.


Block Name Description
Creation - Electricity Electricity Basic block that falls without support.
Creation - Dirt Dirt Needs support to stay still, can be burned by lava and combined with water to create grass.
Creation - Grass Grass Created when water and dirt blocks are mixed.
Creation - Lava Lava Sets grass, dirt, and the player ablaze when touched.
Creation - Plasma Plasma Basic block that can float in the air.
Creation - Rock Rock Created when water and lava blocks are combined.
Creation - Steel Steel Unburnable block that needs support to stay airborne.
Creation - Water Water Swim! Combine with dirt to create grass, and with lava to create rocks.

2012 Update

During development of War of the Web, Jiggmin applied several updates to the game, including:

  • Added support for Kongregate, Newgrounds, and Facebook accounts.
  • Fire blocks now set players ablaze when touched, with water extinguishing them.
  • The Obsidian block now being placeable, which is created from mixing water and fire, and requires support to remain airborne.

Shut Down

On 2015-09-09, Jiggmin officially announced he would be dropping support for Creation, along with other multiplayer games besides Platform Racing 2, although the game had been down for several months at that point. He stated: "Managing [the games'] servers is another time drain. They'll need to be streamlined or removed. I plan to keep PR2 running at least until PR4 is out, though."[1] The announcement also coincided with the launch of his new forum, Freegoose.

There have been no fan projects to attempt and revive the game or set up private servers, leaving it unplayable.


  • This was the first game Jiggmin published on Facebook.
  • While the game's been removed from Kongregate since its shutdown, its comment section is still public.
  • Jiggmin announced this game on 2011-06-18 and revealed that it would replace the default vBulletin chatbox on his website.[2] However, it was eventually moved to the game section in October and replaced with a simpler chat.[3]
    • Jiggmin also developed the game to test how possible multiple players editing at the same time would be.[4]
  • The game was originally planned to be published on Armor Games, as indicated by both Jiggmin's announcement blog[5] mentioning it along with unused code in the loader that checks for an Armor Games login.
    • The game also has unused graphics and code for Newgrounds medals, which it never ended up receiving.
  • The player's avatar, Plank, was originally featured in Competitive Line Waiting.


  5. Deleted blog from February 2012.

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