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Competitive Line Waiting is an Adobe Flash mouse-only online video game developed by Jacob Grahn that was released on 2009-11-21.


Competitive Line Waiting is an online multiplayer game where the objective is to get to the front of the line to a new roller coaster called "The Lumberjack's Revenge!". Users have the option to play as a guest with the name "Plank" or login to and use their username/avatar on the website. In order to maintain their spot, players have to leave their cursor in a "Focus" bubble that continually moves around the screen while various green distraction bubbles also pop-up. When the line starts moving forward, they then must click the Focus bubble to follow it. Failing to focus by keeping the cursor out of it for too long or not removing distractions quick enough causes the player to jump out of line and start over.

Players additionally have options to cut in line to reach the ride quicker or defend their spot if someone is attempting to cut them. All actions require the player to quickly tap multiple other bubbles to fill up a yellow meter that then allows them to perform their move.

Shut Down

After Jiggmin launched the fourth version of his website on 2011-01-21, Competitive Ling Waiting broke due to him neglecting to upload several unknown files needed for the game to function. Unlike Musical Evenizer, which suffered from a similar issue but was left up, Jiggmin chose to remove the game from his website entirely and shut down its servers. As the game was still up for a few days after the relaunch[1] and given how Conquest 's removal was specifically addressed, it's unlikely it was intentionally planned to be shut down.

As only the loader is available and no known copy of the actual game publicly exists, fan projects to attempt and revive it or set up private servers are impossible, leaving it unplayable.


  • About a month before its removal, the game suffered from an issue that prevented the focus button from properly functioning, rendering progression impossible.[2]
  • There are no known videos or screenshots taken of the game, with the only surviving visual representations being thumbnails used on Kongregate and
  • Completing the game awarded the player this code: "tvwifsbqslovxzg4qxq2byi4o", though what it was for has remained unknown.
  • Plank, the avatars in the game, would eventually be reused in Creation.
  • Jiggmin made the game for an endurance themed contest on Kongregate,[3] though it didn't win.[4]



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