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Click Upon Dots is an Adobe Flash online multiplayer video game developed by Jacob Grahn that was released on 2007-02-08.


Click Upon Dots Gameplay

Two players competing.

Click Upon Dots is an online game where players compete in matches of 2-4 and see who can click on the most dots, as well as chat with others in the main lobby.

Players can choose the color of the outline and inside area of their mouse, along with any name they want, although they have to disconnect if they wish to alter their settings.

Shut Down

On 2015-09-09, Jiggmin officially announced he would be dropping support for Click Upon Dots, along with other multiplayer games besides Platform Racing 2, although the game had been down for several months at that point and multiplayer for years. He stated: "Managing [the games'] servers is another time drain. They'll need to be streamlined or removed. I plan to keep PR2 running at least until PR4 is out, though."[1] The announcement also coincided with the launch of his new forum, FreeGoose.

There have been no fan projects to attempt and revive the game or set up private servers, leaving it unplayable.


  • This was Jiggmin's first online game that he personally created.
  • While not referred to in-game, checking the game's code reveals that the menu theme is titled "Elevator Music".
  • The dots resemble the pre-2009 Pepsi logo.
  • This is the only one of Jiggmin's online games to lack a rank system.
  • While it's been removed from Kongregate since its closure, the game's comment section is still available.
  • An unknown bug appeared in early 2012 that resulted in an error displaying when players entered matches, disconnecting them entirely. It's unlikely this was due to Jiggmin discontinuing support for the game, however, as players could still connect to the lobby and chat.



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