Change Block

Platform Racing 3 - Change Desert

Platform Racing 3 - Change Industrial

Platform Racing 3 - Change Jungle

Platform Racing 3 - Change Underwater

Platform Racing 3 - Change Space

Platform Racing 3 - Change Classic

Designer Nicole Swimley

Jiggmin (Classic)

Properties Randomly changes into another block.
Safe? Yes
First Appearance Platform Racing 3 (2010)
Latest Appearance Platform Racing 3

A change block is a block type in the Platform Racing series introduced in Platform Racing 3. The block's none-Classic designs somewhat resemble the item block of the previous installment by using question marks to denote their effect.


Every 2 and a half seconds, the block will change into another block randomly. It will not, however, change into a start or another change block to avoid potential issues. As it immediately begins changing at the start of a match, it's normal design isn't seen in-game by players.

Platform Racing 3 - Change Block Options

Change block settings in the block editor.

Users have more control over the blocks in the block editor, where they can control exactly which blocks it changes into and how often.

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