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Platform Racing 3 - Change Classic

Designer Nicole Swimley

Jiggmin (Classic)

Properties Randomly changes into another block type.
Safe? Yes
First Appearance Platform Racing 3 (2010)
Latest Appearance Platform Racing 3

A change block is a block type in the Platform Racing series introduced in Platform Racing 3. The block's none-classic designs resemble the item block's original appearance by using question marks to denote their effect.


Every 2 and a half seconds the block will randomly change into another type. It will not, however, change into a start or another change block to avoid potential issues. As it immediately begins changing at the start of a match, its normal design isn't seen in-game.

Users have more control over the block in the block editor, where they can control exactly which blocks it changes into and how often.

Platform Racing 3 - Change Block Options

Change block settings in the block editor.