Jiggmin's Village - Castle in the Sky

Castle in the Sky (originally titled Cavern of Wonder[1] until February 2011, then Cave of Wonder[2] until summer 2011) was a sub-forum on Jiggmin's Village that contained forum and video game related sections.

Village Games

Jiggmin's Village's most popular section where users participated in a variety of forum games ranging from role-playing adventures to spammy posts. Given its nature, this is the only section not to appear on the Top 10 stats and where posts do not count.

It briefly had a sub-section solely dedicated to RPGs created on 2011-10-17[3], though it was removed and merged in 2012 for unknown reasons.

Indie Games

(Originally titled Flash Games until February 2011 and Web Games until July 2013) A section where users could talk about smaller video games created by independent developers. Given its pasts names, it originally only comprised of Flash games, though it continued to expand to other formats over time as Flash fell in popularity.

AAA Games

A forum where members discussed video games published by large companies, including Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony, as well as PC gaming. Each company originally had their own section[4] and earlier only their latest console[5], though they were later merged in July 2013.

Motley Monday

A section for members to post Motley Monday ideas that could possibly have been implemented in Platform Racing 2. While the series was discontinued on 2013-09-04, the forum remained until Jiggmin's Village's closure.

Jiggmin Games

(Originally called Jiggy Games[6]) A section made up of other sections created in February 2011, each containing one for Jiggmin's games, although ones for Platform Racing 2 and Platform Racing 3 had existed beforehand for some time. Minus Chalkboard, Competitive Line Waiting, and Scribble, all of Jiggmin's released games up to its creation received their own section, with new games getting one as they were announced, including one that never materialized.


  • The sub-forum's name is a reference to a 1986 Miyazaki film.
    • Its previous titles were also a reference to a location in the 1992 Disney film Aladdin.
  • While all titles were based off movies, the sub-forum ironically did not contain a section for films, with the closest being Infectious Obsessions in Springforth Garden.



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