Cablad Caverns

Map of the Cablad Caverns.

The Cablad Caverns is a fictional location in Jacob Grahn's video game Neverending Light. It is located right underneath Within City and is a popular tourist attraction for the town.

The caverns are the main location in the aformentioned Neverending Light, where the protaginst, D, is taken on a tour of the area as a birthday present from his girlfriend, Anabel. Shortly after it begins, however, their group is attacked by monsters.


The Cablad Caverns has a number of popular attractions seen during their tours, though only a few are shown in-game. One of the first seen by tourists is the "Pebble's Nest", which is, as its name implies, a nest made of pebbles. Another is a large formation known as the "Spawn of Hell", which while not shown, is described by Anabel as "A giant, pokey rock that looks... like a teddy bear".

The most famous part of the tour is where all lights are cut for about one minute, allowing the tourists to experience complete darkness and learn about how the creatures that live there survive in it.