Platform Racing 2 - Artifact





First Appearance

Platform Racing 2 (2013)

Latest Appearance

Platform Racing 2

The Artifact is a special hat in Platform Racing 2 that frequently changes locations and awards a high amount of experience points to players who complete the level while wearing it for the first time.

The Artifact's location changes every so often, which was initially done by Jiggmin via the Fred the G. Cactus account, but is now done by the staff. Whenever the Artifact moves to a new level, players are allowed to receive its experience bonus again.


Once users pick up the hat, they're instantly given an everlasting Speed Burst (though it can be nullified if they grab another item), the clock is changed to "0:30", the song "We are Loud" starts playing and their controls are reversed. If players can finish the level within the time limit, they are awarded a maximum of 50,000 experience points depending on their rank. The hat originally gave 11,111 experience points, though it was increased in March 2018 due to the decreasing amount of new players.[1]


While there has been no specific way to permanently acquire the Artifact, several players are known to have received it through unrelated methods. It was planned to unofficially be given out to winners of a contest on Jiggmin's Village, although it was not granted approval. It can be temporarily given to a player for 1 hour if they or another member in their guild purchases one in the Vault of Magics. The only difference between the permanent and changing Artifacts is that the permanent hat does not grant extra experience points.