Alien Eggs (Originally Walking Eggs) is a game mode in Platform Racing 2 added on 2013-03-25 as a part of an Easter-themed Motley Monday update.


Platform Racing 2 - Alien Eggs Icon

Alien Eggs' lobby sign is a single green outline of an egg.


Platform Racing 2 - Alien Eggs

A user being frozen by one of the eggs.

Similarly to Coin Fiends in Platform Racing 3, players compete against each other in this mode by grabbing Egg Minions, with the user with the highest amount declared the winner once time runs out. Eggs continually spawn at random points throughout the match and can walk on all sides of blocks. They can also attack the player with a Laser Gun, Sword, or Ice Wave.

Originally, the eggs didn't attack players and only walked around, hence the mode's first name. The mode received an update a week after its release on 2013-04-02 that gave them weapons and its final name.[1] Jiggmin stated he planned for them to do this all along, but ran out of time that week.[2]