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Acid Forums is a forum owned and created by aaaaaa123456789 that was founded on 2015-08-16. The board's name is based off the well-known Acid Chat within the community and runs off the MyBB software.

The forum serves as a replacement for Jiggmin's Village, which had recently shut down unannounced at the time of its establishment.


Acid Chat had several, brief dedicated forums between 2011 and 2015 before the current one was made, all of which were closed within a few months due to inactivity.[1]

On 2015-07-27, and its forum, Jiggmin's Village, unexpectedly closed after an extended period of inactivity from Jiggmin. No official replacement website or forum was immediately set up by Jiggmin himself, with the one he would create a month later not being confirmed to be legitimate until nearly a year afterwards. This sudden abandonment left the community scattered with little ability to contact one another unless they were active on Platform Racing 2 or friended elsewhere.

As Jiggmin's Village had gone offline for periods earlier that month, many users assumed it would return. However, after several weeks with it becoming more apparent that would remain closed, aaaaaa123456789 decided to start a forum for past members to congregate to in hopes that as many as possible could reunite. Word of the new forum spread quickly, with hundreds of users joining for the next several months.[2]

While Freegoose was officially confirmed to be Jiggmin's new website on 2016-06-18[3], most users have chosen not to migrate and Acid Forums continues to receive more activity.


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