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Acid Chat is a well-known IRC in the Jiggmin community founded by 1python64 on 2011-03-26 and currently owned by aaaaaa123456789.


Acid Chat, then under the name pr2sbest, was created on 2011-03-26 by former super moderator of Jiggmin's Village 1python64.[1] At the time, the chat ran on a different service called EveryWhereChat and was hosted on a yola website. The chat was briefly replaced with a different room titled courtyard as pr2sbest was temporarily password locked for several weeks while it was being recovered. The chat was later renamed to arcane_lysergic_acid_diethylamide sometime between April and August before being shortened to its final Acid name and moved to its own dedicated website.

1python64 announced plans to transfer ownership of the chat to aaaaaa123456789 on 2011-08-04, although him traveling at the time caused python to temporarily hand it over to Phenom instead. Under his direction, the chat was temporarily renamed "abyss" and he attempted to gain complete control over it. This stirred controversy among the community, with alternate chats acid2 and acidc being set up in protest. Phenom eventually gave control over to aaaaaa123456789 as planned and everything returned to normal.

Due to incidents arising from EveryWhereChat controversially banning several users along with the possibility of a shut down, the main chat for Acid switched to an IRC client on 2011-11-14. The old room continued to be open for slightly over a month as a back-up before its removal on 2011-12-22.